Is there Skin Lightening Cream That Not Contain Hydroquinone

There is alternative if you looking for harmless skin cream that produce without hydroquinone. But before that, Lets see what is Hydroquinone and its Effects.

A first glance at hydroquinone will make one reminiscent of salt or granulated sugar. However it is definitely not something that a person would want to ingest. This is a form of phenol and is used primarily in the development of pictures. Think about that for a minute. Used for developing pictures.

Here we go one more time because people need to understand this. Hydroquinone is a chemical compound that is used for what? That’s right…developing pictures. Alright, now that the primary use is understood it is time to move on.

There are some companies who have been marketing facial care products with this chemical compound as an active ingredient. These types of products are marketed as having the ability to make blemishes such as age or liver spots disappear. There are even some that make the claims that their product will make scars and birthmarks disappear.

Since we already discussed the normal use for this, let’s discuss what can happen to someone who puts this on their skin. Hydroquinone when used in a topical cream will not cause dermatitis like some of the other treatments will.

However, studies done by the FDA show that it is a carcinogen and that it also has a tendency to increase the chances of developing cancer with repeated use. Currently, it is only available in the United States in the form of a facial cream if the cream contains under 2% of this chemical.

Other damages due to Hydroquinone

There are other damages related to the chemical hydroquinone too. These can be things like the sensitivity of the skin to light. A person’s skin normally is resistant to light. Yes, if one stays in the sun too long it can result in a tan or burn. With prolonged use of hydroquinone then that same skin can burn both faster and worse than usual.

Back to our initial question….Is there a skin lightening cream without hydroquinone? Yes, in fact there are a few. However if you want the best skin lightener without hydroquinone then you want to consider Meladerm as the best alternative.

What is all about Meladerm

Meladerm does not contain either hydroquinone or any of the other harmful chemicals that can be found in skins creams that make the claim to be able to lighten skin. It is an all-natural cream that underwent many years of study before finally being released for public use and approved by the FDA in 2003. In the ten years between then and now there have been even more studies done and improvements made.

How this skin lightening cream without Hydroquinone works

Well….Meladerm can lighten those dark spots on skin by getting to the root of the problem and working from there. See, the dark spots are cause by the melanosomes that produce the melanin which gives skin its color.

The melanin is produced by an enzymatic process in the melanosomes. Sometimes these processes get hyperactive meaning that there is too much melanin being produced in the affected area.

When Meladerm is applied to the skin morning and night the active agents in the cream then sink through the skin to attack the enzymatic process in the melanosomes. When the attack occurs the enzymatic processes slow down and over time with daily treatment a lightening to the effected skin will begin to be noticed. Within maybe a quarter of a year (depending on skin type) full results will be achieved.

Now, with all of the information that has been put forth here today and knowing the facts about hydroquinone then who in their right minds would put this stuff on their skin? Even worse, who would put it on their face?

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